2011 Bill Kennedy Medal – Andrew Newman

The 2011 Bill Kennedy Medal is awarded to Andrew Newman who has given significant service to the NSWSPC over 15 years in leading interest groups, reference groups and project teams. He has also been a state assembly delegate, ASPA observer and delegate and, since June 2007, deputy president of NSWSPC. Andrew has given, in the… Read more

2011 Academy Photography Fellowship

Awarded to Chris Presland – Principal St Clair High School, St Clair, NSW. The Academy Photography Fellowship provides funding to the amount of $4000 annually to be used for the purpose of educational research. Chris’ research is on the Consultant Principal (a future position?). He writes … It is widely accepted that the Principal of… Read more


Awarded to Jackie Saisithidej, Teacher, English & ESL St Clair High School The purpose of this award is to recognise an outstanding teacher of secondary English in NSW who has a demonstrated commitment to excellence in teaching and learning in subject English. Jackie’s citation reads …. Jackie is an exceptionally dedicated, talented, knowledgeable and inspiring… Read more

SPC and UTS cement new relationship

Christine Cawsey (SPC President) and Peter Booth (Senior Deputy Vice- Chancellor- UTS) sign the MoU. Chris Presland (SPC DP), Christine Cawsey, Jim McAlpine (SPC), Geoff Riordan (UTS), Jenny Lewis (ACEL), Peter Booth, Noel West (ACEL). The NSW Secondary Principals’ Council has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Technology Sydney. The MoU will… Read more

SPC and the MySchool website

The SPC has played a significant role in trying to make a positive influence on the Federal Government’s decision to create the My School website. A Task Force of informed principals and former principals was formed for this purpose, and much correspondence has been entered into. Letters have been written to politicians at state and… Read more


The Principal of a comprehensive public high school in Sydney’s western suburbs opens up the My School website to find its NAPLAN results headed mostly in red and pink, indicating that not only is their performance below the national average on just about everything, but they are even below the “similar schools” average on quite… Read more

Ravitch to Obama: “Change course before it is too late”

Education historian Diane Ravitch has been talking with thousands of people as she crisscrosses the country talking about education reform and her New York Times best-selling book, “The Death and Life of the Great American School System I have written a lot about Ravitch recently because I think she occupies a unique place… Read more

2010 Bill Kennedy Medal – Jim McAlpine

As an outstanding educational leader at school, local, regional, state and national level Jim McAlpine has given distinguished service to the NSW Secondary Principals’ Council over an extensive period of time. He has made a significant contribution to the Council in a way that has invigorated the Council and supported NSW government secondary and central… Read more


Dear Mr McAlpine Thank you for your letter of 15 March 2010 setting out the NSW Secondary Principals’ Council’s views on the My School website and recommendations for its further development. I appreciated the clarity with which you set out your Council’s position and your offer to provide constructive advice on ways in which the… Read more

2010 Academy Photography Fellowship

Awarded to Steve Pickering – College Principal Northern Beaches Secondary College, Freshwater, NSW. The Academy Photography Fellowship provides funding to the amount of $4000 annually to be used for the purpose of educational research. Steve’s research is on Closing the Learning Gap He writes … The nature and purpose of the research is to review… Read more

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