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Public schools offer inclusive learning environments for all students

The NSW SPC rejects comments made by Senator Pauline Hanson suggesting students with disabilities should be removed from mainstream classrooms. NSW SPC President, Chris Presland, explained that such comments are completely at odds with the principles espoused by public education such as diversity and inclusiveness: “Senator Hanson’s comments are appalling and there is absolutely no… Read more

Schools need funding certainty not Gonski 2.0

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s announcement of a new 10-year school funding plan is a welcome commitment to the equitable, needs based funding model recommended by the original 2011 Gonski report. However, the NSW SPC President, Chris Presland, said that uncertainty still remains over funding commitments for 2018: “The announcement by Prime Minister Turnbull vindicates what… Read more

Educational success is more than a PISA score

New PISA data released by the OECD highlights that the academic success of students in East Asian countries comes at the expense of student physical and psychological health and wellbeing. The NSW SPC President, Chris Presland, commented that these results invite educators and policymakers to reflect upon how we define success in the Australian education… Read more

Surviving rather than thriving: more support is needed for Principals

The 2017 Australian Principal Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing Survey shows increasing workplace pressures continue to impact negatively on the health and wellbeing of school principals. The NSW SPC President, Chris Presland, said the survey data highlights the need for a national conversation to address the workload intensification issues facing principals: “The survey shows that… Read more

PISA results confirm the need for Gonski school funding

The NSW Secondary Principals’ Council (SPC) is the professional body representing Principals of government schools and colleges in NSW that have secondary school enrolments. The Council works closely with senior officials from the NSW Department of Education and the NSW Education Minister and provides advice on matters relating to public secondary education in NSW. Australia’s… Read more

School success is more than a NAPLAN score

It’s time for a more serious discourse about what and how we measure school performance. The NSW SPC believes the focus on standardised testing such as NAPLAN and PISA rankings needs to be repositioned to consider broader definitions of school success. The NSW SPC President, Chris Presland, said investigating how other countries measure school success… Read more

Education Week is an opportunity to build a positive educational narrative

The NSW SPC believes Education Week 2016 is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of public schools and challenge the growing political rhetoric which suggests Australian schools are failing students. NSW SPC President, Chris Presland, said Education Week highlights the quality, diversity and innovation of public education across NSW. “The theme for Education Week 2016… Read more

Reforms will strengthen the HSC’s standing

The NSW SPC believes changes to the HSC announced by the Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli on 19 July 2016 will ensure the HSC remains a rigorous, relevant credential for NSW students, as well as enhance its already highly recognised status as a quality academic credential. NSW SPC President, Chris Presland, said the introduction of… Read more

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