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SPC/PPA PL Event: Fostering collective teacher efficacy – how to harness the power of teams

Collective efficacy is about the overwhelming power that school teams have to impact change when they join together to solve problems. Collective efficacy is present when educators believe that they are capable of helping students master complex content, fostering students’ creativity, and getting students to believe they can do well in school. Expectations that they can successfully achieve their intended goals results in the confidence, resiliency, and persistence needed to overcome inequities and challenges. Since ‘Collective Teacher Efficacy’ topped John Hattie’s Visible Learning list of factors that matter the most in raising student achievement school leaders (both formal and informal) are asking themselves: How can we foster a sense of collective efficacy? During this day, we’ll identify research-based, efficacy enhancing leadership practices and examine enabling school conditions that help efficacy to thrive.

This event will take place on Wednesday 27 March.

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