Learning Management Business Reform Pilot

The NSW Secondary Principals’ Council and the NSW Primary Principals’ Association continue to work with the NSW Department of Education to provide solutions to ensure benefits for all our public schools.

The initial Learning Management Business Reform (LMBR) rollout highlighted a number of challenges for schools. The staff in those schools are instrumental in contributing to building the capacity of the functions of LMBR across all our public schools. There will be no rollout of a system that will generate anxiety for schools or principals across NSW.

“SAP is much more powerful than OASIS (our current infrastructure) for financial management and we are able to understand our financial position better now than we ever have.”
– 229 School Secondary Principal

“Current and recent updates on LMBR have made significant and positive improvements. This has been noted by a number of 229 colleagues.”
– SPC colleague

“This is a change that had to happen. Despite some initial hiccups, on the whole our school is operating smoothly with the new system on a day-to-day basis. LMBR programs enable us to manage both income and expenditure efficiently and in a timely manner.”
– 229 School Secondary Colleague

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