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NSWSPC Calendar

Mon Oct 10, 2016
Term 4 starts
Tue Oct 18, 2016
Executive Meeting
Thu Nov 10, 2016
Retired Principals' lunch - 12 pm
Wed Nov 16, 2016
Executive Meeting
Thu Nov 17, 2016
State Assembly
Fri Nov 18, 2016
Professional Learning Day
Fri Dec 16, 2016
End Term 4
Mon Dec 19, 2016
School Development Day
Tue Dec 20, 2016
School Development Day

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Regional and R/G meetings are in the Members area calendar.


2016 Bill Kennedy Medal



The Bill Kennedy Medal was initiated at the 2008 NSW SPC Annual Conference and is awarded to a member of the NSWSPC or a Life Member of the NSWSPC who has given significant service to the organisation over a sustained period of time. The 2016 Bill Kennedy recipient has given service of distinction and merit that has invigorated, supported and inspired principals of NSW public schools.

The 2016 awardee is Chris Bonnor AM, a former President of the NSW Secondary Principals' Council who has continued to be a fearless advocate for public education as a Life Member of the SPC. Indeed, he represents everything a public school educator should be: a passionate educator and an inspirational leader committed to advancing public education.

Chris is highly regarded for his nuanced and sophisticated analysis and research about education funding and outcomes in Australian schools. He contributes frequently to debates on education issues and is an important, articulate and well researched voice within the Australian media. He has co-authored two books dealing with policy and quality of schooling and continues to advocate for the importance and necessity of the Gonski school funding model. Chris continues to be a formidable asset to the NSW Secondary Principals' Council and his support and commitment to the equitable and fair funding of schools in NSW is to be commended.

For these reasons, and for many more, we are proud to award Chris Bonnor the 2016 Bill Kennedy Medal. Chris embodies the spirit of the Bill Kennedy Medal. He has clearly and consistently displayed vision, integrity, compassion, energy and conviction. Chris is a worthy winner of this award in recognition of his outstanding service to the NSW Secondary Principals' Council


2016 Academy Photography Fellowship


Awarded to Paul Owens - Principal
Kirrawee High School

 The Academy Photography Fellowship provides funding to the amount of $4000 annually to be used for the purpose of educational research.

The aim of Paul's research seeks to better understand the relationship between the core measures that variably help to inform effective teaching and learning: achievement, aptitude, self-efficacy, motivation and engagement, and the Schools Excellence Framework.

He writes ...

There has been mounting evidence over recent years that, once factors beyond a school's control are accounted for (e.g. parents' level of education, SES), expectation and educational outcomes are neither dependent on, nor influenced by, the educational destination of students: Public, Catholic or Independent (Bonnor and Shepherd 2016, Cobbold 2015, Mulheron 2015). These findings reaffirm the efficacy of, and confidence in, public education and the very broad cross section of society that it represents. Indeed, there is little dispute that public education outcomes reflect the widest range of achievement standards, cultural diversity, learning challenges, and intrinsic motivations. The deeper question remains however, which of these factors, or even more likely, the interaction of these factors, would more readily buttress confidence in public education and therefore help predict student and school success within the public education system?