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Below are NSWSPC submissions/responses to Discussion Papers and Reviews.

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The paper contains the NSWSPC submission to the DoE’s Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools

The paper contains the NSWSPC, NSWPPA and PSPF response to the DEC’s proposed New Model of support to Schools

The paper contains detailed responses to all points raised in the NSW Government Discussion Paper

The paper has three sections:

  1. An introduction that outlines the principles that NSWSPC brings to the concept of SBM (school based management).
  2. A specific response to the Empowered Local Schools National Partnership (NP) which the federal government announced in some detail today. That specific response is designed to help NSWSPC make a considered contribution to the principles that should underpin the NP which will be rolled out next year with 229 (TBA) government schools in NSW.
  3. Responses to each section of the LSLD consultation paper that draw heavily on current NSWSPC position papers.

This third submission responds to the recommendations of the research commissioned by the Funding Review in the four papers released for comment on 31 August 2011. At the outset, the NSWSPC commends the Review Committee for commissioning the research. Overall, the four reports effectively describe the current settings but the NSWSPC would not be balanced in its response if we did not note some disappointment with the level of analysis, the assumptions made and the conservative recommendations in a range of areas.

This second submission addresses the questions posed by the Funding Review in its emerging issues paper.

The submission is presented with recommendations in seven (7) areas:

  • The Funding Context of NSW Public Secondary Schools
  • Equity of Education Outcomes –
    • Reducing inequity
    • Promoting equity between schools in the government system
    • Promoting Equity between states, territories and sectors
  • Funding Schools
  • Governance and leadership
  • Community and Family Engagement including A Charter of Public Obligation

NSW secondary schools, central schools and schools for special purposes are part of a government system delivering high quality, inclusive education and our natural loyalty is first and foremost to the government sector. We must continue to remind governments that they, and only they, have the obligation and the capacity to ensure that quality education is delivered as a universal entitlement of every Australian child.

… our goal must be to persuade the review panel that consistency, equity and accountability for the educational outcomes of all Australian students should be the foundation of any school funding system.

This submission mainly refers to the development of My School and the current manner in which NAPLAN test results are currently reported on the My School website. It raises a number of issues in the following categories:
– General issues relating to the development of My School
– General limitations of NAPLAN tests
– Using NAPLAN to compare schools
– Developing ICSEA
– What ICSEA doesn’t include
– Future directions of My School

This paper was constructed after a meeting, held on 20th February, 2009, of all six secondary principals leading distance education services in NSW. In the afternoon the Principals welcomed the opportunity to ask questions provided by Kate English Manager Rural and Distance Education and Mike Tom Leader Rural and Distance Education.

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