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Could a retired principal make a significant contribution to your organisation?
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School principals are expert in managing people, growing leadership capacity, building positive diverse work environments, managing cultural, economic and social diversity and supporting physical and intellectual disability both in urban and rural contexts.

Many school principals manage large and complex budgets and are experienced in working with local communities and promoting the work of their schools. In a changing world they remain abreast of global changes and their impacts on society. Their experience in managing organisational challenges including risk assessment, human resources, public relations, professional learning and strategic planning makes retired principals an invaluable resource for any organisation.

Our research shows that most principals continue working in some form even a decade after they have retired. Their skills are much in demand. They offer a breadth of experience in meeting the needs of all members of the community, particularly culturally diverse communities, those with disabilities and those located in rural or remote communities.

The NSW Secondary Principals’ Council has established a Principal Futures email service which allows you to publicise both paid and unpaid employment opportunities for retired public secondary school principals.

If you are interested in publicising an opportunity for the employment of a retired principal in your organisation, please email Cassy Norris

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