Media Release: SPC Response to Labor Promises on School Funding

The SPC welcomes the pledge made by Bill Shorten to invest an additional $14 billion in public education over 10 years if Labor wins the next federal election. The SPC President, Chris Presland, said such an investment reflects the importance of a fair approach to education funding:

“What is required is a needs-based funding model which ensures all schools can meet the agreed school resource standard (SRS). The capacity of public schools to do this would certainly be enhanced under Labor’s announcement and removing the 20% cap on the Commonwealth share of the SRS from the Australian Education Amendment Act will also see funding directed towards the students that need it most.”

Mr. Presland said the announcement also reflects how important education funding is as an election issue:

“The Federal Government and Labor have announced quite contrasting policies when it comes to their vision and funding arrangements for the future of education in Australia. Obviously, education is already a key issue for the next Federal Election and I think any politician would be remiss to underestimate how passionate and proud Australian voters are when it comes to our public schools and the importance of fair and transparent education funding.

Every child has a right to a quality education and investing an additional $14 billion in public education goes a long way towards addressing the needs of our most disadvantaged students and moving closer to the school resource standard. One of the greatest falsehoods I’ve heard propagated by our politicians is that money doesn’t make a difference, however our students will tell you how extra support and assistance has shaped and transformed their educational aspirations and outcomes. Labor’s funding promise is the kind of investment we need to see to fund public schools into the future.”




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