SPC Media Release: NSW Government education funding announcement

The NSW SPC welcomes the announcement that the NSW Government will spend an extra $6.4 billion on all schools over the next 10 years. NSW SPC President, Chris Presland, said the funding agreement was particularly pleasing for NSW public schools:

“Yesterday’s announcement includes an extra $712 million for public schools which represents a step in the right direction towards a fair funding model for all students. It is extremely disappointing that the Federal Government refused to increase funding to public schools in line with the extra money it recently gave private schools through the $1.2 billion ‘choice and affordability’ fund. However, the NSW Government should be congratulated for stepping in and providing additional funding for public schools.”

Mr. Presland said additional funding goes to the heart of ensuring equitable access to education:

“Every Australian child deserves a right to a quality education and additional funding has the power to shape and transform the educational outcomes of our students. Full credit to Minister Stokes for standing up for public schools, however what this announcement highlights more broadly is the intransigence of the federal government in persisting with a funding deal that favours the Catholic and Independent sectors at the expense of public schools.

We need a sector blind funding model and the fact that the NSW Government has had to use $712 million from its own budget to ensure equity across the education sectors demonstrates yet again that the Federal Government’s approach to education funding is anything but fair and equitable. Education is key to ensuring Australia’s long term economic and social prosperity and as a result we need a rational, fair and evidence based approach to education funding which enables all Australian children to reach their full potential.”

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