Rural and Remote Education Human Resources Strategy

The SPC welcomes the recent announcement by NSW Education Minister, Rob Stokes, outlining teacher
incentives for rural and remote education. SPC President, Chris Presland, said the rural and remote education
human resources strategy was a positive step towards closing the educational achievement divide between
metropolitan and rural and remote schools:

“The SPC and the NSW Primary Principals’ Association have been involved in this discussion for a number of
years. This is a welcome announcement as it offers a targeted way of addressing teacher availability and
experience in rural and remote schools. Every student in every school in NSW deserves to have a quality
education and access to quality teachers regardless of their postcode and the investment of $59.4 million over 5
years will positively shape the educational outcomes and professional expertise of both our students and

Mr. Presland said the various incentives for rural and remote teachers was a particularly pleasing aspect of the

“If we are serious about improving the educational outcomes of rural and remote students then we need a
multifaceted long-term approach and I think this strategy is an excellent starting point. By targeting three key
areas: scholarships, incentives; and recruitment and employment practices, this strategy will not only aim to
attract a larger pool of teacher applicants to rural and remote schools, but will also encourage experienced
teachers to stay in these locations beyond five years. Research tells us that great teachers have the biggest impact
on student learning and so reducing staff turnover in rural and remote schools is only going to have a positive
impact on student learning.

This strategy is also positive for what it offers our future generation of teachers. The increase in number and
monetary value of the teach.Rural scholarships offers a wonderful pathway for our most talented university
students and reaffirms teaching as being an intellectually stimulating and challenging career. These scholarships,
combined with benefits for both permanent and casual teachers, represents a targeted strategy which will ensure
all students have access to an outstanding public education regardless of where they live.”

Chris Presland
President, NSW Secondary Principals’ Council
M: 0414986514

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