2019 NSW Budget

The NSW SPC welcomes the additional funding for schools announced as part of the 2019 NSW State Budget. However, SPC President, Chris Presland, said it is crucial that funding is allocated to the students with the greatest needs:

“The announcement of $18.5bn, up more than one billion on last year’s finding allocation, is certainlymost welcome. However, I would caution against celebrating too soon, what is most important is how and where the money is spent. OECD reports highlight that school funding policies play a key role in ensuring that resources are directed to where they can make the most difference. This is exactly what needs to happen with the NSW Budget announcement.”

Mr. Presland said the announcement by NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet which will see government departments, including education, being required to show how they are using taxpayer funding to improve outcomes also requires further thought:

“No one in education is opposed to better outcomes, however it’s a much more nuanced process thansimply setting outcomes and targets. It’s a collaborative conversation and I think you will find the most effective targets are not those which are centrally-imposed, but rather discussed and negotiated and set by schools in consultation with their community.

There is also a risk that focusing on targets could lead to artificial improvement. What a loss forAustralia’s future economic and social prosperity.”

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