2017 HSC Results

As nearly 78 000 NSW Year 12 students received their HSC results, SPC President, Chris Presland, said this was an important time to celebrate the wonderful achievements of students and teachers:

“According to data from the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA), ninety-six per cent of course results from this year scored in the top four bands, more than two-thirds of all students ranked in the top three bands and we have also seen a record 1749 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students achieving their HSC. These are statistics which should be celebrated and applauded as they reflect the amazing work of our students, teachers and school leaders.”

Mr. Presland said the positive results were a reminder that there was much more to education than NAPLAN scores:

“There has been significant media and political attention given to student performance in NAPLAN testing and as a consequence people often forget that there is so much more to education than standardised test scores.

In 2017 not only do we have a record number of students being awarded their HSC, we also have a cohort of school leavers equipped with a range of transferrable skills ranging from problem solving to creative thinking. These are skills which students will be able to draw upon as they embark on a variety of post- school pathways.

The results we are seeing are testament to the wonderful work being undertaken by our school communities and should be applauded.”

After a week in which some politicians and media commentators have been highly critical of our teachers and schooling system, the HSC results in NSW paint a very different picture.

In noting this Mr Presland commented, “I challenge those people who have recently been so critical of schools to be equally vocal about our successes. It’s not good enough to talk our system down, when in fact it achieves so many outstanding things, as evidenced by our 2017 HSC results.”

Chris Presland
President, NSW Secondary Principals’ Council
M: 0414986514
E: chris.presland@det.nsw.edu.au

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