Awarded to Jackie Saisithidej, Teacher, English & ESL St Clair High School

The purpose of this award is to recognise an outstanding teacher of secondary English in NSW who has a demonstrated commitment to excellence in teaching and learning in subject English.

Jackie’s citation reads ….

Jackie Saisithidej, Prof. Jackie Manuel

Jackie is an exceptionally dedicated, talented, knowledgeable and inspiring English and ESL teacher, always setting, expecting and supporting high standards of behaviour and performance for every student, regardless of their entry level of ability. She constantly demonstrates exceptional understanding of student perspectives and adapts class activities to engage, encourage and actively support students to rise above their own expectations of performance. She is equally effective and persistent in bringing out the best in students across all age groupings whether they are gifted and talented or struggling due to ability or attitude.

Beyond the classroom, Jackie has demonstrated a strong positive impact in student welfare related roles around the school. As a Year Advisor in the past she has worked tirelessly to successfully affect a considerable cultural shift amongst her year group to help them become strong young adults whose expectations, performance, aspirations and personal sense of responsibility and achievement rose dramatically over the period of time she led them.

Similarly, Jackie’s on going  work modifying the activities for the year 9 program for Gatehouse Girls enabled the students to develop a stronger sense of identity, a more focused direction and a realization of their personal potential as they make the transition towards becoming more responsible and confident young women.

Jackie is also very active in promoting and showcasing student efforts especially with promoting participation in various writing competitions in the wider community.

Jackie’s earlier involvement in GAT programs reinforced her expertise and determination to always provide unique and individualized approaches that engage and extend her students in succeeding in genuine higher order thinking activities.

Jackie has worked as a master teacher, working closely with student teachers from various university placements over the years. Her extensive curriculum knowledge, strong personal values and considerable teaching expertise has provided her student teachers with an exceptional role model on which to plan their future career as a teacher.  She is a natural “quality” teacher who takes pride in creating a supportive and dynamic learning environment, creative means of exploring content, and diverse deliveries of positive, productive and empowering student centred learning experiences of the highest standard.

As an Intel trainer, Jackie has shared her expertise in technology in a number of formal and informal situations. She has helped coordinate the computer simulation aspect of the Australian Business Week program within the school.  She has helped a number of staff with varying aspects of computer use over the years. She has considerable expertise and experience with technology which she is always willing to share, explain and demonstrate. She is always able to provide practical help and rationale in explaining applications of technology.

Jackie is very inclusive and sharing in her work with special projects around the school. In her work with welfare, girls’ education and technology, Jackie is ever ready to acknowledge the input of others and to collaborate with other staff to ensure that students will experience the best possible and academic outcomes and personal growth.

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