2023 Bill Kennedy Medal – Greg Wilson

The 2023 Bill Kennedy Medal is awarded to Greg Wilson for his outstanding contribution to the NSW Secondary Principals’ Council. 

Over the past 15 years Greg has been an active and respected member of the NSWSPC. He has served as Acting Deputy President and as both a Central Schools representative and general Executive Member as well as being a State Assemblydelegate, President of the North Coast SPC and 2018 SPC Annual Conference Convenor. 

Greg’s contribution to SPC reference groups has also been significant across areas such as: Aboriginal education, Finance and Administration, Legal Services, PES, Staffing/HR and Technology. He has provided enormous support to SPC members with DoE systems such as EdConnect, SAP HR, LMBR, 3PI and advocated for the need to provide schools with systems and platforms that are fit for purpose.

Greg’s care, consideration, and focused efficiency made him that go-to person for principals on all things DoE systems and policies. He has been an impeccable source of support for principals, providing clear, accurate and timely feedback andassistance.

While Greg’s contribution to the council has been significant across all levels, it is the way in which Greg has gone about his service and advocacy that will be his greatest legacy. Greg has served NSW principals and the NSW Secondary Principals’ Council with honour, integrity, wisdom and humour.

Congratulations Greg – your career and contribution to NSW Public Schools and the NSW Secondary Principals’ Council has been outstanding. You are a most worthy recipient of the Bill Kennedy Medal.

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