2019 Bill Kennedy Medal – Christine Del Gallo

The 2019 Bill Kennedy Medal is awarded to Christine Del Gallo for her enduring commitment to Public Education, the NSW SPC and the development of quality leadership in secondary schools across NSW. Christine demonstrates dynamic, inspirational, creative and influential leadership and her capacity to inspire others has been evidenced at school, community, regional, state and national levels, as well as in relation to a range of professional organisations.

As a Deputy President of the NSW Secondary Principals’ Council and as a highly credentialed and credible Principal, she has been an outstanding advocate for public education, its students and teachers. Beyond her normal role of school Principal however, Christine has made major contributions to the professional learning of other school leaders by her work with a range of associations and projects including the NSW Board of Studies and now the NSW Educational Standards Authority and most significantly, colleagues in the NSW Secondary Principals’ Council.

Christine is an outstanding talent and an outstanding asset to education. She has demonstrated excellent leadership at a whole range of levels but especially as a leader of principals in the NSW Public Education system. She has great determination and tenacity to ensure that a job is done well. She is a great thinker and demonstrates creativity and a flair for innovation and cutting-edge initiatives.

It is clear from the diversity of her contributions to supporting and leading so many colleagues that Christine Del Gallo is a worthy recipient of the Bill Kennedy Medal


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