2018 Bill Kennedy Medal – Chris Presland PSM

The 2018 Bill Kennedy Medal is awarded to Chris Presland for his outstanding leadership and contribution to the SPC across an array of portfolio areas.

The contribution Chris has made to the SPC is far reaching and comprehensive. Chris has led the SPC Leadership Reference Group, chaired the Professional learning Standing led the development of SPC Leadership Succession Project, the SPC Principal Pledge, the SPC Consultant Principal Position Paper, the SPC Aspiring Leaders’ Program, and the SPC Leadership Development Position Paper.

Chris has also been a member of many SPC working parties including Role of the Principal Project, School Accountability, Development and Reporting in NSW Public Schools; The Role, Authority, Leadership and Accountability of the Principal. Chris was the SPC representative on the PSL Implementation Advisory Group and is currently the SPC representative on the NSW School Leadership Institute Advisory Board.

Chris has served on the SPC Executive since 2007, held the position of Deputy President 2013-2016 and was elected as SPC President in 2016. He is a most worthy recipient of the Bill Kennedy Medal.

Congratulations Chris

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