2011 Bill Kennedy Medal – Andrew Newman

The 2011 Bill Kennedy Medal is awarded to Andrew Newman who has given significant service to the NSWSPC over 15 years in leading interest groups, reference groups and project teams. He has also been a state assembly delegate, ASPA observer and delegate and, since June 2007, deputy president of NSWSPC. Andrew has given, in the opinion of the NSWSPC, service of distinction and significant merit, in a manner that has invigorated and supported the principals of NSW government secondary, SSP, central schools and colleges.

He has worked in rural and regional schools; he has been a member of the bureaucracy and a very active member of a number of community organisations. In those roles, he has advocated for the needs of students in rural and regional education, for the most vulnerable students and for equity. This strong commitment to equity and a deep educational expertise underpins his work as a principal and leader of this association.

In recent years Andrew has supported the NSWSPC, the president and deputy presidents in leading significant projects in curriculum and political advocacy. His ability to leverage networks of principals has resulted in additional funding and policy influence for NSWSPC. His ability to work closely with the myriad of organisations and interests trying to influence secondary, academic and vocational curriculum is outstanding and has resulted in changes to benefit students and schools.

He has made the kind of difference that honours the elements of vision, ability, motivation and passion that are the hallmark of the recipients of the Bill Kennedy award.

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