SPC and UTS cement new relationship

Christine Cawsey (SPC President) and
Peter Booth (Senior Deputy Vice-
Chancellor- UTS) sign the MoU.

Chris Presland (SPC DP), Christine Cawsey, Jim
McAlpine (SPC), Geoff Riordan (UTS), Jenny Lewis
(ACEL), Peter Booth, Noel West (ACEL).

The NSW Secondary Principals’ Council has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Technology Sydney. The MoU will see the development of a sound working relationship between the two organisations, with UTS providing a modern office free of charge to the SPC, as well as making available meeting rooms that will assist with SPC executive meetings and reference group meetings.

The UTS Assistant Dean of Education, Dr Geoff Riordan, approached the former President of the SPC, Jim McAlpine, in 2009 to discuss the possible mutual benefits of a relationship. It was obvious to Jim and the executive of the SPC that this would be a major benefit for the Council, giving it for the first time a real office, not just an office in the school of the president at the time. The SPC executive could also foresee that a manager of business could work from a permanent office and be available to support all principal members, as well as taking responsibility for developing sponsorship to assist in meeting the operational expenses of the Council.

The SPC will share the office facilities with the NSW branch of the Australian Council of Educational Leaders. ACEL has also signed an MoU with UTS, and the common interests of principals and educational leaders will be well-served by this collaborative approach.


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