Parents of all students in NSW schools will be thrilled that the Premier Barry O’Farrell has led the Australian States by being the first leader to sign up the Gonski education funding reform package.

“This is a great day for students in NSW schools, an especially important day for those students who have been struggling with educational disadvantage through no fault of their own,” said Lila Mularczyk, the President of the New South Wales Secondary Principals’ Council (NSW SPC). “The funding that will flow as a result of this deal will change lives. School leaders and teachers will make sure of that. We will ensure that those students who were being left behind will receive targeted learning programs and support.”
“Many children who didn’t have a fair chance can aspire to a successful school career and university entry as a result of the Premier’s decision to support this important reform.”

Ms Mularczyk said entire school communities were welcoming the commitment and the investment in learning that would begin to flow to NSW schools next year. “This is a historic decision and a commitment to continued investment in education across NSW,” she said. “It has heartily endorsed by teachers, it is significant for our students and it must be a pleasing day for parents of children in NSW schools. “All schools and students will benefit but the important principle of the new funding regime is that those with the greatest need will benefit most.”

The SPC urges all other state premiers to follow Mr O’Farrell’s lead and sign up to the Gonski arrangements for the good of their students. “Now is the time for action after years in which student outcomes have been affected by a flawed funding system,” Ms Mularczyk said. “We also urge the Federal Leader of the Opposition to follow Mr O’Farrell’s and Minister Piccoli’s lead and endorse the Gonski funding model. It is inconceivable that a potential Liberal Prime Minister could walk away from this deal, which has been struck by the Liberal Premier of the largest state in Australia.”

Ms Mularczyk said Mr O’Farrell, having found the $1.7 billion needed to secure the Federal funding deal, should now turn his attention to reversing the harsh cuts to the education budget he made at the end of last year. “Our students are our future. We have to invest in their education so they have a chance to achieve their goals but also to secure the nation’s social and economic future,” Ms Mularczyk said.

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