School Leadership Strategy

The NSW SPC welcomes the recent announcement made by NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes regarding the introduction of a School Leadership Strategy. The NSW SPC President, Chris Presland, said the strategy was an important recognition of the need to strengthen support and leadership opportunities for current and aspiring principals.

“We are supportive of the overall strategy and the additional support this offers principals and our next generation of school leaders. It is a multi-phase strategy and the SPC looks forward to the subsequent phases being based on solid evaluations and feedback from principals.”

Mr. Presland said the establishment of a Leadership Institute will play an important role in fostering future educational leaders.

“It is very encouraging to see the strategy adopt a collaborative approach to leadership development involving universities and the commitment to creating a structured and evidence based professional learning program for our aspiring leaders is welcomed. School leaders are critical in shaping the future of our young people and investing in strong professional development will ensure principals are supported and equipped with the skills to critically engage and reflect upon teaching and learning strategies within the classroom.”

Mr. Presland said the SPC looks forward to the subsequent phases of the School Leadership Strategy being rolled out throughout the 2018 school year.

“The implementation of the first phase of the strategy will provide much needed support to current and aspiring principals. The SPC looks forward to the additional phases of the strategy being informed by the reviews of Educational Services, assets management and staffing processes. This approach will ensure that the strategy effectively enables principals to focus on being strong instructional leaders committed to fostering a successful learning and teaching environment for students and teachers.”

Chris Presland
President, NSW Secondary Principals’ Council
M: 0414986514

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